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a fly is a noun that means an insect with characteristically large eyes and two wings. It is an important pollinator in some ecosystems and plays an important role in the food chain as a source of food for other organisms.

in this case, fly can be used as a singular or plural noun. When used in a plural context, it usually takes the form of 'flies.'

1. The fly was buzzing around my head, distracting me from my work.

2. Thousands of flies were swarming around the stagnant water.

3. We can thank the fly for its important role in agricultural ecosystems.


to fly is to move through the air using wings, typically resembling the motion of a bird. This term can also be used figuratively, such as fleeing from a conflict.

'fly' is an irregular verb, and as such, has multiple forms. Its present tense is 'fly,' its past tense is 'flew,' and its perfect participle is 'flown.'

1. The birds have flown away for the winter.

2. The bats flew swiftly in between the trees.

3. We all flew in different directions as the alarm sounded.

the verb 'fly' is often confused with its close relative, 'flee'. While the motion of each verb has similarities, 'fly' pertains specifically to a movement through the air, and 'flee' pertains to the act of running away or escaping.

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