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as an adjective, 'formed' describes something that has been given a specific shape, structure, or character.

it can be used to describe physical entities that have been shaped or non-physical entities that have been established or developed.

The formed metal parts were ready for assembly.

His formed opinions on the matter were hard to change.

The dough should be formed into small balls before baking.

when using 'formed' as an adjective, it's often followed by a preposition like 'into' to indicate the shape or nature something has taken on. However, this isn't always necessary, and context will guide the usage.


'formed' is the past tense and past participle of the verb 'form.' It indicates the action of creating, shaping, or establishing something.

'formed' can be used transitively (with an object) or intransitively (without an object). It can refer to the physical shaping of something or the establishment of non-physical entities like relationships, opinions, or groups.

The artist formed the clay into a beautiful sculpture.

They formed a committee to address the issue.

Over time, a deep canyon formed in the landscape.

be aware of the context in which 'formed' is used. It can refer to both tangible and intangible creations.

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