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grew is an irregular verb in the past tense of the word 'grow.' It is used to describe the action of something increasing, developing, or maturing over time. Specifically, the verb 'grew' conveys a process or transition in a particular direction, where the thing in particular is getting bigger or better in some way.

it must always have a subject pronoun or refer to a noun, as in 'He grew tired' or 'Children have grown accustomed to the noise.' It is used to express the action of something transitioning to a larger or better state, as in 'We grew to appreciate the beauty of the city' or 'My interest in the country grew over time.'

1. The seedling grew to become an impressive tree.

2. The company has grown exponentially since its founding 10 years ago.

3. He grew angry when his proposal was rejected without explanation.

it is important to keep the context in mind when using this verb - for example, 'He grew strong' is appropriate, but 'The soup grew strong' would be incorrect. Pay attention to the object of the phrase - when someone or something is the object, use 'grown,' as in the phrase 'The children have grown tall.'

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