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heart is a noun that refers to the organ that pumps blood throughout the body. It is also used to refer to the emotional side of a person, such as 'She gave it her heart and soul' or 'His heart was broken.' It can also refer to a loved one, such as 'My heart is with you.'

1. A doctor checked his patient's heart rate.

2. She put her heart and soul into her work.

3. Their hearts were intertwined forever.

a common mistake when it comes to heart is misspelling the irregular plural of it (it is ‘hearts’). Additionally, people often confuse heart and hearts when it is used to refer to a person’s emotion—it is usually 'her heart,' not 'her hearts.'


heart can also be used as a verb that means to ‘courageously accept’ or even ‘endure’ something. Furthermore, it is also used to denote feelings of appreciation such as 'I heart this television show' or 'They heart each other.'

1. He hearted the challenges that were presented to him.

2. She hearted the way he looks at her.

when using the verb ‘heart,’ it is important to note that it is always written out as a full word, not just as an asterisk or a spelling of ‘love.’ For example, 'I * you' would never be written as 'I heart you.' Additionally, when using the verb in the context of appreciation it is important to note that it is typically used in the affirmative manner; for example, one would say 'I heart this show' or 'He hearts her' but not 'He didn’t heart her.'

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