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heritage is a noun that references the things that have been passed down from previous generations in a culture, such as culture, tradition, language, and other elements. It refers to the characteristics that make up the identity of a culture, such as values, beliefs, and customs. Heritage can also refer to the physical artifacts, monuments, and landmarks that have been left behind by previous generations. The word is often used to refer to cultural artifacts and sites that have been designated protected by a government or other authority.

heritage is usually used when referring to something that is centuries old, such as traditions or cultural artifacts. It can also refer to things from the more recent past, such as the physical places or structures that have been maintained by people in the same generation.

1. The religious heritage of the city of Jerusalem is one of the most sacred and important in the world.

2. My family’s heritage includes a recipe for delicious Italian meatballs passed down for generations.

3. The city is proud to declare the old theatre a cultural heritage site.

be sure to use this word when referring to something from the past that has been preserved for future generations.

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