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a house is a noun that means a structure for dwelling, typically with a roof and walls that provides shelter and protection from the elements. A house can also refer to a smaller structure built around or near a home, such as a garden house, playhouse, or toolshed.

1. My family moved into a new house last week.

2. When I was a child, I loved to play inside my grandparents’ house.

3. We built a toolshed in the backyard to hold our garden tools.

be wary of using house to refer to a dwelling if the context is ambiguous; for example, if talking about staying with family, it could be confused with referring to the people themselves.


to house is to provide a place to stay or live, usually with the connotation that it is permanent or long-term.

1. We housed the displaced refugees in temporary apartments while they looked for permanent homes.

2. My parents housed me throughout my four years of college.

3. The organization aims to house as many people as possible in the coming years.

when using house in this capacity, it’s important to be clear about the duration for which people are being housed. Additionally, be aware that housing is also used as a noun, as in 'a lack of affordable housing'.

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