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joy is a noun that refers to an emotion or feeling of contentment and pleasure, often in response to something positive or satisfying. It is typically something that is experienced or displayed, and it can refer to both an internal sense of happiness and a visible display of joy.

1. 'The joy on her face was so clear anyone could see it.'

2. 'He was filled with joy when he heard the news.'

3. 'The school trip was a joy from start to finish.'

when using joy as a noun, it sometimes takes an article before it, as in the sentences above. Additionally, when referring to an internal feeling of joy, it is commonly used in the form 'a joy', rather than simply 'joy'.


joy is also used as a verb, where it means to experience or feel joy. It is typically used in the simple present or past tense to express this emotion or feeling.

1. 'She joyed in the sunshine of the summer day.'

2. 'The family joyed at the reunion reunion.'

3. 'Their faces joyed when they heard the news of his recovery.'

when using joy as a verb, the verb should be preceded by a noun or pronoun when describing something as a source of joy. Additionally, it is often used in a more figurative sense as a verb, such as when someone 'joys in' something.

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