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as a noun, 'lol' refers to the act of laughing out loud or the concept of something being funny in online contexts.

That joke you told earlier was a real lol.

I need a good lol today; share some memes!

The internet is full of lols if you know where to look.

using 'lol' as a noun is less common than its interjective use. Like the interjective form, the noun form is informal and best suited for casual conversations.


as an interjection, 'lol' is used to express amusement or laughter. It's a way to convey that something is funny or amusing without actually laughing.

commonly used in text messages, chats, and online conversations. Can be used to lighten the tone of a message.

'lol, are you okay?'

'She said that? lol!'

'I can't believe he wore that to the party. lol.'

'lol' is informal and might not be appropriate in formal or professional contexts. Overusing 'lol' can diminish its impact and might make the user seem insincere. Some people use 'lol' not to express laughter but to soften a statement or to indicate casualness.

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