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'Looked' is the past tense conjugation of the verb 'look'. It is used to describe an action of perceiving or viewing something, either with the eyes or with the mind. It is also used to indicate a searching or examining action.

'Looked' is used to express an action that has been completed in the past. 'Looked' is used to describe an action that is done voluntarily. 'Looked' is never used as a helping verb.

1. I looked for my favorite book but couldn't find it.

2. He looked into my eyes with sincere affection.

3. She looked around the room for her lost purse.

'Looked' should always be preceded by a possessive pronoun or a noun when used in a sentence. The adverb 'already' can be used in combination with 'looked' to express the idea that an action has occurred at some point in the past. Avoid using 'looked' in the continuous present. Instead, use the present simple.

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