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math is a noun used to refer to both the subject or the field of study as well as any individual related concepts such as rules, equations, and problems.

1. I need to brush up on my math in order to do well on the test.

2. Math can be a complicated but rewarding subject to study.

3. Taking a math class is an important part of any college curriculum.


when 'math' is used as an adjective, it describes something that pertains to or is related to mathematics. It's a shortened form of 'mathematical' and is commonly used in informal contexts, especially in American English.

I need to buy a new math textbook for the upcoming semester.

She's in the math club at school.

Can you help me with this math problem?

remember that 'math' as an adjective is informal. In more formal contexts, it might be better to use 'mathematical' or another appropriate term. As mentioned, be aware of the difference between American and British usage. In British English, 'maths' is the common abbreviation for 'mathematics,' but it's not typically used as an adjective.

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