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millions is a noun that is used to refer to an indefinite number greater than one thousand. Its denotation is referring to a huge quantity greater than one million, but the exact amount is unspecified. It is sometimes used to express a rhetorical exaggeration or to emphasize the magnitude of something.

when using the word 'millions' as a noun, it is usually followed by an of phrase to refer to a specific object or type of object, such as 'millions of people' or 'millions of dollars.' It is also sometimes used as a pronoun to refer back to a previously mentioned quantity of something, such as in the sentence 'He has made millions, but still works hard every day.' Always make sure to use the plural form of the word when inserting it into a sentence.

1) Millions of people were affected by the pandemic.

2) They have spent millions on the renovation of the building.

3) He has made millions off of his inventions.

be careful not to confuse 'millions' with 'billion' or 'trillion' – these words are all related, but refer to different quantities of something. Additionally, one should avoid replacing 'millions' with the numeral '1000000' as the two are not interchangeable. Additionally, the word should always take the plural form, meaning it should not take the article 'a' before it.

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