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miss is a noun that can refer to an unmarried woman or a young girl; it can also be used as an affectionate term for addressing a close friend or family member. When used as a noun, it should be capitalized. Miss can also be used as a title when addressing a woman whose marital status is unknown.

1. The miss in the red coat was my childhood friend.

2. We ask that, in the absence of a known marital status, you address this woman as Miss Smith.

3. Did you hear? Miss Jones from next door has just welcomed a new baby into her family!

common mistakes in the use of Miss as a noun include variations in capitalization (miss vs. Miss) or mistaking it for a verb (e.g. 'She miss him terribly').


miss can also be used as a verb; this usage is found primarily in the past participle form and means to fail to hit, experience, or obtain, among other related meanings. The rules surrounding the use of Miss as a verb include an adequate proficiency in the past tense, as well as a clear understanding of the context.

1. I can't miss the call!

2. Please, don't miss a train.

common mistakes in the use of Miss as a verb include mistaking it for a noun (which results in capitalization mistakes) or using incorrect verb tenses.

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