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as an adverb, 'moreover' is used to introduce additional information that supports or adds to a previous statement. It serves as a transitional word that connects ideas, showing that the subsequent information will build upon or enhance the previous statement.

The book is engaging and well-written. Moreover, it offers deep insights into human psychology.

I don't think it's a good idea to go hiking tomorrow. Moreover, the weather forecast predicts heavy rain.

She has a strong background in digital marketing. Moreover, her experience in content creation makes her an ideal candidate for the role.

While 'moreover' is a formal transitional word, it's essential not to overuse it, as this can make writing sound repetitive or overly formal. Ensure that the statement following 'moreover' logically builds upon or adds to the previous statement. Avoid using 'moreover' in casual conversations or informal writing, as it might sound too formal or stilted.

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