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a morning is an expression of time, typically used to refer to the hours between sunrise and noon. It references the first half of the day, taking prominence over the other half, afternoon, and providing a natural and convenient division of time.

when used as a noun 'morning' can be either singular or plural, and typically won’t have any adjectives or articles associated with it.

1. His typical morning involved a large cup of coffee and an even larger book.

2. She woke up in the morning with an eagerness to start her day.

3. Once a week, they held a barbecue in the backyard in the mornings.

Morning is sometimes capitalized when used in a title or at the start of a sentence. Common mistakes include overusing adjectives with morning, as you generally wouldn’t say 'the beautiful morning' or 'the happy morning.'


Morning can also function as an adjective.

In this capacity, it is used to describe nouns or people that are associated with the virtues and qualities typically enjoyed in the first half of the day. This adjective is commonly used to evoke a sense of freshness, innocence, or peace.

1. Her morning eyes were bright and lively.

2. The birds sang a morning melody.

3. The morning sun shone magnificently over the city.

Morning is usually followed by a noun when used as an adjective. Two common mistakes are capitalizing morning when used as an adjective or using it as a noun instead of an adjective.

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