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the adverb form of 'not' is an intensifier, meaning it is often used to emphasize a negative statement or result. 'Not' is an informal way of expressing a negative response or refusal. It can be used to indicate someone’s disagreement with an idea or opinion. It generally precedes the main verb in a sentence. For example, someone might say 'I didn’t do it, not even once' to emphasize a lack of action or occurrence. It can also be used to indicate the absence of something, such as in the phrase 'There was not a single cloud in the sky.'

1. 'I didn’t do it, not even once.'

2. 'He could not manage to finish the task in time.'

3. 'They were not prepared for the challenge.'

When using 'not' as an adverb, it is often used to indicate that something did not happen or that something was not done to a great extent. A common mistake is to use 'not' as another part of speech, such as saying 'Not yes' instead of 'No, not yes.'

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