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conjunction is a word used to connect other words or phrases together. In this capacity, 'or' can be used to link two words, phrases, or clauses together. For example 'You can choose cheese or pepperoni for your pizza.' In this sentence, 'or' is used to provide a choice between two options (cheese or pepperoni).

1. Would you like soup or salad for dinner tonight?

2. He had to choose between Spanish or French.

3. Do you prefer red or white wine?

When using 'or' to express alternatives, it is important to note that the two options or possibilities listed do not have to be equal or the same. For example, 'Do you like coffee or sleeping?' In this example, the options are not equal and yet both are still valid possibilities. Additionally, when used as a conjunction, 'or' is usually used to join together two things of a similar grammatical category, such as two nouns or two adjectives. It is important to remember this in order to avoid ambiguity.

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