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record is used as a noun to describe anything written down so that it can be remembered or accessed later. It may also refer to the process of recording something. Records can also refer to documents that provide evidence of a past event or official procedure. Rules of usage when used in this capacity are straightforward it is typically preceded by a determiner such as ‘the’ or ‘a’ depending on the context.

1. This record of the meeting will help us remember the key points discussed.

2. I was doing research and found an old record from centuries ago.

3. The franchise has one of the best records in baseball this year.

note that record is usually used as a singular noun in this capacity, so it would not be appropriate to refer to multiple records with a plural verb. Additionally, when using the word record to refer to documents providing evidence of past events, it is often used with the definite article ‘the’.


record can also be used as a verb meaning to capture, document, or register something in writing so that it can be recalled or accessed in the future. There are some rules to successfully using record as a verb

it must always be used with an object. It may also be preceded by an auxiliary verb such as ‘can’ or ‘will’.

1. I have recorded our progress on this project so that it can be accessed later.

2. He suggested that we record our ideas for the project before we forget them.

3. Our team has been recording our meetings for the past year.

when referring to the process of recording something, it is important to note that the word is always used as the gerund ‘recording’, and never as the participle ‘recorded’. Additionally, when using record in the sense of capturing information or evidence, it is sometimes used with the prefix ‘re-’, as in ‘re-record’.

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