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'regarding' is a preposition that is used to refer to a particular subject or matter. It is synonymous with 'concerning,' 'about,' or 'with respect to.' When used as a preposition, it introduces the subject or topic that is being discussed, described, or questioned.

'regarding' is used to introduce the topic or subject of discussion in a sentence. It can be used to shift the focus of a conversation or to specify the topic in written communication. 'Regarding' is often used in formal contexts, such as business emails or official documents.

We received your email regarding the upcoming conference.

There have been several complaints regarding the noise from the construction site.

Regarding your inquiry, we will need more time to provide a detailed response.

'regarding' is often used in more formal contexts. In casual conversation, one might use 'about' or 'on' instead. Avoid using 'in regards to' or 'with regards to.' The correct forms are 'in regard to' and 'with regard to,' though 'regarding' by itself is often a more concise choice. 'Regarding' should not be confused with 'regards' as in 'give my regards.' The former introduces a topic, while the latter is a way of sending greetings.

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