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rhetoric is a noun that means an art of using language to communicate effectively and persuasively. Rhetoric is used to analyze arguments to assess their validity and effectiveness. It can include the study of how language is used to convey persuasive and argumentative points of view. When used in this capacity, the word typically refers to persuasive language, figures of speech, and different types of persuasive techniques.

1. Socrates was known for his masterful rhetoric; he could win any argument with his clever argumentative tactics.

2. Throughout his speech, the politician made use of catchy rhetoric to win over the audience.

3. Our English teacher always pushes us to examine the rhetoric and arguments used in convincing advertisements.

rhetoric is often associated with negative connotations in regards to misleading communication, so using the word in a neutral or positive context is important. Furthermore, it is important to note that rhetoric does not necessarily pertain to something negative, but can instead be used to evaluate any kind of persuasive language.


when used as an adjective, rhetoric typically refers to the study and knowledge of the persuasive use of language. In this capacity, it is often used to describe something that is persuasive or characterized by skilled and persuasive use of language, though it can also describe something that is overly or falsely persuasive.

1. She is well-versed in rhetoric and her persuasive speech carried great weight.

2. She was praised for her rhetoric essay, which concisely and effectively outlined her argument.

3. The slick advertisement was criticized for its highly rhetoric appeal.

when using the word as an adjective, be sure to clarify whether the rhetoric is being used positively or negatively. Also keep in mind that though it is often used to describe persuasive speech and language, it can also refer to the study of how persuasive arguments are constructed and discussed, so pay attention to the context of the word.

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