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as an adjective, 'same' is used to describe identical items or things that are unchanged.

'same' typically precedes the noun it modifies. It is often used with the definite article 'the.'

They both had the same idea.

We attended the same school.

She wore the same dress two days in a row.

avoid redundancy. For example, 'same exact' is often considered redundant, though it's used colloquially for emphasis.


as a pronoun, 'same' refers back to a previously mentioned item or idea, indicating that it's identical or unchanged.

'Same' can stand in for a previously mentioned noun to avoid repetition. It's often used with 'the.'

I have a bicycle, and my brother has the same.

She ordered a coffee, and I'll have the same.

Their goals are the same.

be sure that the reference for 'same' is clear in context to avoid ambiguity.


as an adverb, 'same' is used to emphasize that a situation or condition remains unchanged.

'same' can be used in conjunction with verbs to indicate that an action continues in an unchanged manner.

Even after the feedback, he acted the same.

Despite the challenges, she felt the same.

After the long journey, the product looked the same.

the adverbial use of 'same' is less common than its adjectival or pronominal uses. Ensure that the context makes it clear that an adverbial, rather than adjectival or pronominal, use is intended.

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