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the noun form of 'saw' is defined as a handheld cutting tool with a serrated blade used for cutting through materials like wood, metal, and stone. In terms of grammar, it is used as the subject of a sentence or as a noun phrase in sentences, e.g. 'The saw cut effortlessly through the timber'. It can also be used as an object in a sentence or as part of an idiom ('on the saw'), e.g. 'The carpenter used the saw to shape the wood'.

1. The saw was used to make quick work of the wooden planks.

2. My saw got stuck in the tree trunk.

3. I'm on the saw to finish this project today.


as a verb, 'saw' is the past tense of the verb 'see.' It refers to the act of perceiving with the eyes or perceiving mentally.

'saw' is used to describe an action that happened in the past and is no longer happening.

It can be used in various tenses that require the past form of 'see,' such as the simple past tense.

I saw a beautiful bird in the park yesterday.

She saw the movie last week and loved it.

They saw him enter the building, but they didn't speak to him.

remember that 'saw' is the past tense. For present tense, use 'see,' and for the past participle, use 'seen.' 'Saw' can also refer to understanding or realizing something in the past. E.g., 'I saw the truth in her words.' Mixing up 'saw' with 'seen.' Incorrect 'I have saw the movie.' Correct 'I have seen the movie.'

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