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as an adjective, 'sorry' is used to describe a feeling of regret, sympathy, or pity. It can also describe something that is in a poor or pitiable state.

'sorry' can be used to express regret for one's own actions or to show sympathy for someone else's situation. It can also be used to describe something of inferior quality or in a pitiable condition.

I'm sorry for being late to the meeting.

She felt sorry for the injured bird.

That's a sorry excuse for a meal.

while 'sorry' is often used to apologize, it doesn't always mean the speaker is at fault. For instance, 'I'm sorry to hear that' is an expression of sympathy, not an admission of guilt. In some contexts, especially in informal speech, 'sorry' can be used to ask someone to repeat something (e.g., 'Sorry? I didn't catch that.'). Be cautious about overusing 'sorry' as it can diminish its sincerity or make one appear overly apologetic.

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