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stress is a noun that means is a feeling of strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. It can also refer to the hormonal response when an individual is placed in stressful situations.

1. He was under a lot of stress with all the final exams coming up.

2. The stress of trying to make ends meet was getting too much for her.

3. She had to find ways to reduce her stress levels.

be sure to use verbs that can show a response to stress when using 'stress' as a noun (e.g. reduce, manage, feel).


when used as a verb, 'stress' means to express or emphasize something markedly or forcefully. It can also mean to place strains on a body or system.

an object (e.g. a word, concept, emotion) should always come after 'stress' when used as a verb. The verb 'stress' should usually be used with words that are related to intensity or importance.

1. My professor always stressed the importance of coming to class on time.

2. He stressed the need to work hard if we wanted to succeed.

3. She stressed her disappointment at their bad behavior.

'stress' is a transitive verb, meaning that it must have an object. When using 'stress' as a verb, pay attention to the word that comes after it to ensure you are conveying the proper meaning.

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