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testimony is a noun which refers to a deposition or formal statement provided in court by a witness to legally verify evidence, facts, or information. It is used to support claims made by a litigant. In a more general sense, it can represent any factual comment or statement given in support of a statement or allegation.

testimony is used to provide sworn evidence in support of an argument, and is commonly used in courts or hearings of a legal nature. In non-judicial contexts, it can be used to refer to any kind of statement which lends confirmation or proof to an idea or assertion.

1. We heard the testimony of both parties and determined the facts of the case.

2. The witness's testimony was the key to closing the case for the prosecution.

3. His testimony on the issue was heard by the committee and served to provide necessary context.

when used in a judicial context, it is important to note that testimony must be sworn to be given and can have legal consequences if false. In a non-judicial context, use of the word should not be taken as a promise of the truthfulness of the statement, as it may still be a matter of opinion.

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