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In some contexts, 'that' can replace a noun, especially when the specific noun it's replacing is clear from the context.

'I know that.' Here, 'that' might refer to a specific piece of information or a fact that both the speaker and the listener are aware of.


as a pronoun, 'that' is used to refer back to a person, place, thing, or idea that has been previously mentioned or is already known to the listener or reader. It helps avoid repetition and keeps the sentence concise.

'She said she would be here soon, but that was two hours ago.' In this example, 'that' refers to the statement 'she would be here soon.'


'that' can serve as a relative adverb, introducing a clause that offers additional details or information about a noun.

'The café down the street, that I always go to, has amazing coffee.' In this case, 'that' introduces the clause 'I always go to,' which provides more information about the café.


as an article, 'that' specifies or restricts the noun it precedes, often indicating a particular item among others.

In the sentence 'That book on the shelf looks interesting,' the word 'that' is used to point out a specific book among potentially many on the shelf.


'that' can function as a conjunction, linking two clauses or phrases together in a sentence. It often introduces a dependent clause, providing more context or information.

'I think that she will be here soon.' Here the word 'that' connects the main clause 'I think' with the dependent clause 'she will be here soon.'

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