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as a noun, 'top' refers to the highest or uppermost part, point, or surface of something.

used when referring to the highest part of something. Can also refer to clothing that covers the upper part of the body. Can denote the best or leading person or thing in a particular area or domain.

The apple was red at the top.

She wore a blue top with her jeans.

He is at the top of his class in mathematics.

'top' can be used in various contexts, so it's essential to ensure clarity when using it. For instance, 'top' in fashion might refer to a blouse or shirt, while in other contexts, it might mean the summit or peak.


'top' describes something of the highest quality, rank, or degree.

used when referring to the best in quality or rank. Can be used to emphasize the idea of 'maximum' or 'utmost.'

She is the top student in her year.

That's the top speed of this car.

He gave it his top effort.

avoid redundancy. For instance, saying 'top best' is redundant since both words convey the idea of being the best.


'Top' as a verb means to exceed something, to be taller than something, or to cover with something.

used when referring to surpassing a record or amount. Can also mean to cover the top part of something.

The new movie topped the box office this week.

You should top the cake with some whipped cream.

The tower tops the skyline of the city.

be clear in context. For instance, 'topping the cake' could mean adding something to the cake's highest surface, while 'topping the charts' refers to being number one in rankings.

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