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trouble is an uncountable noun that describes a problem or difficulty. It typically refers to a problem that requires some kind of effort to solve, or a difficulty that has an impact on someone or something. It can also refer to a situation that may have unpredictable or undesirable outcomes.

1. 'The couple had been having a lot of trouble in their relationship.'

2. 'My friend has been having trouble with the police lately.'

3. 'They had trouble finding the perfect wedding venue.'

troubles is typically used in the plural form when referring to multiple problems, but it can also be used in the singular form when talking about a single issue or obstacle.


trouble often functions as a verb meaning 'to cause trouble or difficulty.' It implies causing a problem or a disturbance, or a lack of ease in a situation. It can be used to describe people who create problems for those around them or to refer to a person or situation that requires extra attention or care.

1. 'He was always trying to trouble her while they were together.'

2. 'My boss seemed to take great pleasure in troubleshooting.'

3. 'He was warned to stop troubling his co-workers.'

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