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as an adjective, 'trying' describes something that is difficult or annoying; it tests one's patience, endurance, or nerves.

It's used to modify nouns or pronouns. It can be used predicatively or attributively.

be aware of the context. 'Trying' as an adjective often comes before a noun (attributive) or after a linking verb like 'be' (predicative). Don't confuse it with the verb form. For instance, 'She is trying' (verb) vs. 'It is a trying task' (adjective).


in this form, 'trying' is the present participle of the verb 'try,' which means to make an attempt or effort to do something.

as the present participle, 'trying' can be used in continuous tenses. It can also be used to form gerunds.

She is trying to learn Spanish before her trip to Mexico.

Trying new foods can be an exciting experience.

I remember trying to fix the computer, but it was too complicated.

don't confuse the continuous form with the adjective form. The context usually clarifies the intended meaning.

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