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the word 'we' is a subjective pronoun used to refer to the speaker and one or more other people that the speaker feels included in a group with. It can be used to demonstrate unity and to demonstrate solidarity. For example

'We are going to the movies,' or 'We are all in this together.'

the use of 'we' is completely dependent upon the context that it is used in. It is important to note that 'we' can also be used as a form of discrete inclusion, for example 'We are all going to the beach, even Megan.' In this case, 'we' is being used to refer to Megan as well as the group. Additionally, 'we' can be used to differentiate from other people who are not part of the group 'I want to buy the car, but we are not going to.'

1. We are going on a road trip.

2. We are in this together.

3. We need to find a solution.

it is important to note that 'we' is different from 'us' for example, if you are talking about yourself only you would use 'I' not 'we'. Additionally, 'we' implies that there is some kind of mutual agreement between the speaker and the group, so it is important to be mindful of its usage.

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