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as an adjective, 'whatever' describes any kind or amount of, or whichever ones.

'whatever' can be used to indicate that the specific detail being discussed is not important. It can precede a noun to describe its unrestricted or unspecified nature.

I'm open to whatever suggestions you have.

We can meet at whatever time is convenient for you.

Bring whatever tools you think we'll need.

be cautious about using 'whatever' in formal contexts, especially when it might come off as dismissive or rude.


as a pronoun, 'whatever' refers to anything or everything that or no matter what. It can also be used to indicate indifference or lack of preference.

'whatever' can be used to refer to an indefinite quantity or number. It can also be used to indicate a lack of restriction in choice.

Whatever you decide, I'll support you.

Whatever is left in the fridge, you can eat.

'Which dress should I wear?' 'Wear whatever you like.'

in informal contexts, 'whatever' can be used dismissively, indicating indifference or annoyance. For example 'Whatever, I don't care anymore.'

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