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yours is a possessive pronoun indicating ownership. It is usually used to reference something that belongs to the person being addressed – you. Its basic usage is simply before a noun or noun phrase. For example, yours is the blue pen or this house is yours.

The rules for using 'yours' as a possessive pronoun are relatively straightforward. It is used when one person is addressing or referring to something that belongs to another person. It is generally used either before a noun or noun phrase, or by itself without any noun.

1. The car is yours.

2. The flowers are all yours.

3. This is yours.

it is important to be careful when using 'yours' in order to ensure that it is clear who the possessive pronoun refers to. For instance, in the sentence 'I took yours,' it is unclear which person’s belongings were taken. To avoid confusion or misunderstanding, it is best to use more specific language.

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