Wednesday Addams Quotes And Useful Vocabulary From TV Series

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Wednesday Addams Quotes And Useful Vocabulary From TV Series

"I'm gonna dance, dance, dance, with my hand, hands, hands…." If you read this quote instead of singing it along with moving your hands in an iconic manner, and you have no idea what it is about, we have just one small question for you. Are you even from this planet? Of course, it's just a joke. Who on Earth won't know that's a Lady Gaga song associated with the viral dance from the new Netflix series Wednesday directed by Tim Burton?

By the end of 2022, the Netflix Addams Family reboot called Wednesday became a new pop culture phenomenon. Netflix's subscribers have spent a billion hours' worth of views watching comedy horror television series. As a result, the actress Jenna Ortega, who played Wednesday, became quite a famous personality. However, we became interested in the Wednesday series because it gave us a lot of brilliant quotes and useful vocabulary. Our favorite Wednesday Addams quote is, "The only person who gets to torture my brother is me." That is so Wednesday. 

A couple of weeks ago, we published the article New Season: Sophisticated Words And Quotes from The Crown on Netflix, which you seemed to like. So, as soon as we watched Wednesday ourselves, we realized that Wednesday is an exceptional series that deserves to be broken down into quotes to learn more advanced vocabulary for everyday use. So, without thinking twice, we gathered all Wednesday Addams quotes with unknown words and phrases for most English learners into a list. So, dive into exploring new vocabulary with Wednesday (TV series). As a second-most watched English-language Netflix series, it definitely deserves your attention, our dear English learner. 

How To Learn English With Wednesday Addams Quotes

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Best Wednesday Addams Quotes And Vocabulary From Them: Full List

Wednesday is a very amusing tv series in terms of lexicon, indeed. Even though Wednesday Addams is a Gen Z kid, she doesn't appreciate technology and chooses to live without a cell phone. So, sometimes some of the stuff that fascinates her peers is irrelevant to her. And it reflects in her manner of speaking - how she builds sentences, what structures she uses, and what words she applies. You will see it on our list of famous Wednesday Addams quotes. 

Episode 1 Wednesday's Child Is Full Of Woe

As expected, the ordinary school is not a place for such an extraordinary young woman as Wednesday Addams. So after a minor accident with the fish in the school pool, Addams parents send their precious torture kid to Nevermore, the boarding academy for outcasts. 


Twisted – unhealthy, abnormal, sick

I'm not sure whose twisted idea that was to put hundreds of adolescents in underfunded schools run by people whose dreams were crushed years ago, but I admire the sadism. 

To plague – to trouble 

I'm not about to confess to my brother that I've recently been plagued by visions. 

To get to – to annoy 

The only person who gets to torture my brother is me. 

To break out – to be affected by a medical condition

Hives – red bumps

I break out into hives, and then the flesh peels off my bones. 

To smirk – to smile in a silly way

Nefarious – criminal 

Oh, look, there's my mother smirking at me. It's all a part of their nefarious yet completely obvious plan. 

To fillet – remove the bones

A menagerie – a private collection of wild animals

I actually fillet the bodies of my victims, then feed them to my menagerie of pets. 

Soul-sucking – depressingly tedious

A void – an empty space

I find social media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation. 

A penitentiary – a type of prison for serious criminals

As usual, you underestimate me, Mother. I will escape this educational penitentiary, and you will never hear from me again. 

Toe-curling – extremely embarrassing or sentimental

A tchotchke – a small cheap decoration that isn't functional

Which one of your spirits suggested this toe-curling tchotchke?

Insipid – logically connected

They respond to your stories with insipid little pictures.

A deed – an intentional action

No good deed goes unpunished.  

Muffled – muted, not loud

I've heard muffled screams. 

An olfactory sense – related to the sense of smell

A whiff – a slight gust

Did you really think my highly trained olfactory sense wouldn't pick up on the faint whiff of neroli and bergamot in your favorite hand lotion?

Need-to-know – giving information only to those for who it is essential to know

That's on a need-to-know basis. 

To sweeten the pot – to make something more attractive or desirable 

I'll sweeten a pot. 

Buckled – bent

If the shoe fits – a phrase used to tell a person that they need to accept unpleasant remarks from someone because it is true or fair

If the buckled shoe fits…

To cry out – to cry a lot

I cried my little black heart out. 


To give the cold shoulder – to treat someone in an unfriendly manner, to intentionally ignore someone

Darling, how long do you intend on giving us the cold shoulder? 

Merely – just 

I merely meant that, finally, you will be among peers who understand you. 

An outcast – a person who was refused to be accepted by society

The school for outcasts?

A woe – a thing that causes troubles

Wednesday is a child full of woe. 

Howdy – a greeting expression shortened from "how do you do"

Howdy, roommate. 

A knucklehead – a stupid person

That bunch of knuckleheads are Furs, AKA werewolves. 

To chow down – to eat something in a large amount; to take into the body as nourishment

Totally chowed down on that kid she murdered. 

Foreseeable – predicted 

Don't approve any more campfire permits for the foreseeable future. 

Brisk – active 

It's a brisk 25-minute walk, or there's a shuttle on the weekends. 

Tad – somewhat

The locals are a tad bit wary about Nevermore, so please don't go making any waves, or perpetuating any outcast stereotypes. 

A remorse – regret or guilt for something someone did

The point is you assaulted a boy, and showed no remorse for your actions. 

A freebie – something given for free

Consider it a freebie. 

Kooky – strange, crazy

You are just kinda kooky. 

Episode 2 Woe Is The Loneliest Number

The strange thing started happening in the woods near Nevermore, and Wednesday begins her investigation. So, the sheriff questions Wednesday about it, seeing her as a potential threat. Meanwhile, the fan of black color takes part in the Poe Cup race with no rules. 


To take a dark turn – when something negative happens

This story is about to take a dark turn.

Notoriously – to be well-known for something bad

Dead people are notoriously bad at returning calls. 

To lure into – to trick into; to involve someone into something by making it attractive or beneficial

Don't try and lure me into one of your psychological traps. 

A tearaway – a reckless person

Look at us. A couple of teenagers tearaways. 

To snap at someone – to lose patience and say something to someone angrily 

I snapped at you. 

To breathe a word – to tell a secret

Breathe a word about this to anyone and I will end you. 

To fang – to eat voraciously

I accidentally walked in on two vampires fanging. 

A red thumb – when someone doesn't recommend messing with another person

I assume I get my red thumb from her. 

Vengeful – vindictive 

You didn't tell me it was a dark, vengeful spirit. 

A penchant – a strong preference or tendency to like something greatly

A riddle – a mystery; something that should be solved and has a surprising answer or solution

Your penchant for riddles was legendary. 


An upheaval – a sudden change

Your life's had a lot of upheavals recently. 

To take a stab – to try

Wanna take a stab at being social?

To glare – to stare angrily 

Or you can just glare uncomfortably. 

To placate – to make someone less angry

That excuse might have placated the sheriff, but you can't fool me. 

Well-rounded – developed in different aspects

We want all our students to be well-rounded. 

Tight-lipped – silent, refusing to give any information on a subject

She was kind of tight-lipped about your progress. 

To yak – to talk, chat, gossip

What are you two yakking about?

To descend – to go down

I was told they descended years ago. 

A brain cramp – a stupid mistake, a moment of temporary mental confusion

It's a real brain cramp. 

Episode 3 Friend or Woe

In episode 3, Wednesday discovers a secret society at school. It turns out her mother was a part of it a long time ago. Proceeding with her investigation, Wednesday willingly visits Pilgrim World in Jericho. No need to say that Outreach Day ends badly. 


To save the trouble – to help, to prevent harm and danger, to do something for someone to help them

Let me save you the trouble. 

To stew – to worry or be anxious about something

Are you still stewing because I rejected your invitation?

Enticing - attractive

And as enticing as that sounds, I'd prefer to keep a low profile. 

A change of heart – to change opinion or attitude

Why the sudden change of heart?

An inquisition – an official investigation

To be doomed – to be destined

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. 

To napalm – to attack with bombs

I feel like you just napalmed me, Enid. 


An emporium – a large shop that sells a lot of different things

A crapola – nonsense 

Why would I agree to spend the entire day at some dumpy emporium of crapola?

To reckon – to consider 

I reckon they could use a good brush with a Tangle Teezer. 

A swill – a large drink

No need to pay for that overpriced hipster swill.

How now – what is the meaning of this

How now?

Ablaze – on fire 

Set it ablaze!

To be on thin ice – to be in a risky situation

You are already on thin ice. 

Episode 4 Woe What A Night

Nevermore throws the Rave'N dance, where her date is supposed to be one of the outcasts. But there is a sudden change of plans - she goes with the normie. Unfortunately, that very night her friend gets in trouble. 


To pout – to show that the person is annoyed by pushing the lower lip forwards

Don't pout. 

Frenzied - wildly

What remains of the chest and torso indicates a frenzied attack. 

To disembowel – to remove organs and/or bones from a body

Subject was almost entirely disemboweled. 

Dystopian – related to a speculated community or unfair society 

An ape – an unintelligent person

What kind of dystopian hell ape is this?

Inane – silly 

A rite – a religious ceremony

We don't need these inane rites of passage to validate who we are. 


To see yourself out – to leave by yourself, to find a door yourself

See yourself out. 

To tweak – to pull 

Fencing – a type of sport where people fight with swords

I tweaked my back fencing. 

To be pumped about – to be excited and energetic

Spiked – having put drugs or alcohol into a drink

Aren't you pumped about disco balls and spiked punch?

Titled – defined by high social or official rank

My whole world is tilted. 

To bust out – to free

Wednesday totally busted out of her cocoon. 

To get down – to enjoy oneself fully; to depress someone

You up for getting down?

Inevitable – unavoidable 

I guess that was inevitable. 

A tiff – a slight argument 

We had a little tiff. 

Episode 5 You ReapWhat You Woe

It's Parents Weekend in Nevermore. She reveals that her father might be a murderer. And Wednesday can't be more upset (in the wrong way). The police have all the evidence to prove that, so they arrest Gomes Addams in the school. 


On the mend – recovering 

On the mend?

Feeble – weak

A subterfuge – a tricky action taken to hide something from someone 

I uncovered your feeble subterfuge almost immediately. 

To face the music – to accept the consequences of your actions, decisions

I think it's high time my parents faced the music. 

To elude – to avoid, escape

My appetite eludes me, mother. 


Fetid – smelling awful

An angst – a feeling of anxiety

Ah, the fetid air of teenage angst. 

To yield – to provide, produce

Their time together has not yielded the results we'd hoped. 

To blow someone's brains out – to shoot someone in the head

He just blew his brains out. 

To ambush – to attack unexpectedly 

How could you ambush your father like that?

To famish – to be extremely hungry

I am famished. 

To infatuate – to be inspired with an extreme passion

Garrett was infatuated with your mother. 

To brim – to be full of feeling

His eyes bore into me, brimming with murderous intent. 

Treacherous – likely to betray a trust

I know we had our difficulties lately navigating the treacherous shoals of our mother-daughter relationship. 

A grudge – a strong feeling of dislike

I don't hold grudges, only blood debts. 

To blaze a path – to do something that hasn't been done before

You have your own path to blaze. 

Episode 6 Quid Pro Woe

It's Wednesday's Birthday! Her friends throw her a party in a spooky place with a black cake. However, the birthday girl doesn't appreciate it. All that Wednesday cares about is finding a creature who kills people. 


To vilify – to say or write something unpleasant about a person

I prefer vilified. 

To flee – to run away

War-torn – damaged by an ongoing war

On foot – by walking

It's perfect if you're fleeing a war-torn country on foot. 

To bury hatchets – to make peace

I don't bury hatchets, I sharpen them. 

A deviousness – the quality of being dishonest

To rub off on someone – to become a part of someone, to leave something as a mark

My deviousness has finally rubbed off on you. 

Grave – serious 

I do believe it would be a grave error on your part. 


On-brand – typical

Feels very on-brand for you. 

Kudos – exceptional achievement

Can I at least get some kudos for pulling one over on you? 

A delinquent – an offender

I don't need your gratitude, just find the delinquents responsible. 

A curfew – a particular time when someone must be at home 

Be home before curfew. 

Ditto – a phrase used to agree with the previous statement 


Explicit – clear, detailed

You directly violated my explicit order and left campus during a lockdown. 

A contrition – a guilty feeling for doing something bad

A hubris – a self-confidence, excessive pride

I think contrition might be in order right now, Miss Addams. Not hubris. 

Episode 7 If You Don't Woe Me By Now

In this episode of Wednesday, we meet another Addams family member – Uncle Fester. He shares his theory about a monster with Wednesday, so she starts digging deeper. Nonetheless, the girl doesn't forget about that one normie she likes. She goes on a date with him at Crackstone's crypt.  


A jigsaw – a puzzle or a mystery

I have all the pieces of the jigsaw. 

To slot someone into place – to find time for someone in the schedule 

I just need to slot them into place. 

To be reputed – to have a particular reputation 

Nevermore is reputed for having the best collection. 

To fathom – understand after a lot of thinking 

To indulge – to allow yourself to enjoy something

Because, for some reason, I cannot fathom or indulge, you seem to like me. 

To buy a rope – to kill yourself

I would rather buy a rope. 

A quid pro quo – something given or received for something else

It's a quid pro quo for almost getting him disemboweled. 

Conspicuous – noticeable 

Maybe next time steal something a little less conspicuous. 

A bidding – an order

It's doing Laurel's bidding. 


Nifty – attractive 

And that's when I found this nifty little safe. 

A proximity – a closeness 

I didn't realize proximity was a crime. 

To deflect – to block something or change its course

Deflect all you want, but you and I both know that you care about Enid. 

To clock – to recognize 

I think the kid behind the counter has clocked me. 

To waste breath – to say something that no one will pay attention to 

Why waste my breath?

To pass out cold – to faint

I guarantee this one won't make you pass out cold.

To be out of line – to behave beyond the rules

You are so out of line. 

To barge – to force your way rudely

Wednesday Addams just barged into my office. 

To blab – to spill a secret

Thing may have blabbed about your date with Tyler. 


Episode 8 A Murder Of Woes

Wednesday finally faces the truth about her surroundings. Now, she has to save Nevermore and all outcasts from an ancient evil. 


To hog – to take or use most of something in a selfish way

Perhaps if I hadn't been so distracted by my own mother hogging this photo, I would have noticed yours sooner. 

To harvest – to collect or gather as a harvest

You do realize that Tyler brutally disemboweled six people, then harvested a variety of their body parts. 

Indelible – unforgettable 

Enid, the mark you have left on me is indelible. 

To pin something in – to blame someone for doing something 

And when Kinbott came close to discovering the truth, you had Tyler kill her and pin it in Xavier. 

Impaired - weakened

Is your spectrum of vision impaired? 

Tempting – appealing 

Sounds tempting. 


To eradicate – to destroy completely

The one man who nearly succeeded in eradicating the outcasts. 

To set the wheels in motion – to take action to begin something 

Your arrival at Nevermore set the chubby wheels of my plan in motion. 

To bide time – to wait patiently for something 

I bided my time, and I made you feel special until you were ready to be sacrificed. 

To summon – to order to come or meet

Once and for all – finally 

I have summoned you to rid the world of outcasts once and for all. 

To bequeath – to pass something on to someone 

You will suffer the same fate you bequeathed me.

To expunge – to remove completely 

An abomination – something that a person disgusts or disapproves of

I will expunge your abominations from this Earth!


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How can I incorporate the vocabulary from the TV series into my everyday English?
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Can't thank you enough, Tory! I've been struggling to absorb all this new vocabulary from the show. I keep a list on my phone notes, but it's huge so far (and I haven't finished watching yet!). For sure this is gonna be of great help.