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A doughnut is a type of deep-fried sweet dough pastry in a ring shape with a hole in the center.


1. I love to eat doughnuts for breakfast every morning.

2. The baker was carefully shaping the doughnuts.

3. The doughnut shop had a variety of delicious flavors to choose from.



Modified spelling of doughnut, which is more common in US.


1. I can't resist eating a donut for breakfast every morning.

2. Do you want a chocolate glazed donut or a jelly filled one?

3. That donut looks like it has sprinkles on top!

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There are no direct antonyms for this word.




There are no direct antonyms for this word.

Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Doughnut", "Donut".

1. Remember that simplified spelling 'donut' is used in the US.

2. Remember that British people are dedicated to traditions, so they use the older spelling 'doughnut.'

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Frequently asked questions

When to use the word 'doughnut'?

The word 'doughnut' is the preferred term when referring to a fried cake made from sweetened dough. It is derived from a combination of the words 'dough' and 'nut'. This term is most commonly used in formal or scientific contexts.

When to use the word 'donut'?

The word 'donut' is an informal alternative to the word 'doughnut'. It is typically used in casual conversation, but is not preferred in academic or scientific writing.

Do the words 'doughnut' and 'donut' have the same pronunciation?

Yes, the words 'doughnut' and 'donut' have the same pronunciation. Both words are pronounced as 'doh-nut'.

What are common mistakes associated with words 'doughnut' and 'donut'?

One of the most common mistakes associated with the words 'doughnut' and 'donut' is using 'doughnut' when referring to a doughnut-shaped object, instead of the correct term 'donut hole'. Additionally, these words can be easily confused in informal writing, so it's important to make sure that the correct spelling is used.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. When I visited London, I was surprised by how many bakeries sold ___ with interesting fillings.

2. Dunkin ___ is a popular chain in the U.S. for coffee and pastries.

3. The chef, who trained in Manchester, specialized in making gourmet ___ with exotic flavors.

4. In the states, the ___ holes are just as delicious as the main treat.

5. The old-fashioned recipe she used had been passed down in her family, and her ___ were the best Ive ever tasted.

6. The cafe offered a variety of ___ – from chocolate-glazed to ones filled with jam.

1. doughnut

Explanation: The clue When I visited London indicates British English should be used, and the British spelling is doughnut.

2. donut

Explanation: Dunkin ___ is a clue that American English is being referenced, so the American spelling donut is used.

3. doughnut

Explanation: The chef, who trained in Manchester provides a hint towards British English, and thus the spelling is doughnut.

4. donut

Explanation: The clue In the states points to American English being used, making the spelling donut.

5. doughnut/donut

Explanation: Theres no specific regional clue given in the sentence, so both British doughnut and American donut spellings are acceptable.

6. doughnut/donut

Explanation: Without a distinct clue pointing to either British or American English in the sentence, both doughnut and donut are acceptable.

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