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Grammar is a set of rules governing the structure and composition of words, phrases, and sentences in a language.


1. I need to brush up on my grammar before I start my essay.

2. Grammar is an important part of learning a language.

3. I took a grammar class in college to learn how to write correctly.



Misspelling of the word “grammar.”


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Learn similar and opposite words to spot the difference




1. Syntax

2. Language rules

There are no direct antonyms for this word.


This word doesn't exist, so there are no synonyms for it.

This word doesn't exist, so there are no antonyms for it.

Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Grammar", "Grammer".

1. Grammar refers to the set of rules that govern the structure of a language, while Grammer is a misspelling of the word Grammar.

2. Remember that correct word has the ending '-ar.'

3. Visualize a train moving through the word grammar, with each 'a' representing a stop or station. The train makes two stops at 'a' stations. Remembering that you have to stop at the 'a' stations twice might help you recall the correct spelling.

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Frequently asked questions

When to use the first word?

The first word, 'Grammar', is used to refer to the rules of language. Grammar dictates how words should be arranged in order to create meaningful sentences. It is also used to describe a certain style of writing, such as the grammar of a particular author.

When to use the second word?

The second word, 'Grammer', is not a real word. It is a common mistake when people spell the word 'Grammar' incorrectly.

Do the words have the same pronunciation?

No, the two words do not have the same pronunciation. The correct word, 'Grammar', has a long 'a' sound. The incorrect spelling, 'Grammer', has a short 'a' sound.

What are common mistakes associated with words?

The most common mistake associated with the words 'Grammar' and 'Grammer' is mispelling the word 'Grammar' as 'Grammer'. Other common mistakes include confusing the two words in terms of meaning and usage. Additionally, people often misuse the words in sentences that are not grammatically correct.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. English _____ rules can be quite complex for language learners.

2. She bought a book to improve her English _____.

3. The teacher corrected the _____ mistakes in the students essays.

4. Good _____ is essential for clear and effective communication.

5. The _____ check feature in word processors helps identify mistakes.

6. Learning _____ is fundamental in mastering any language.

1. Answer: grammar.

Explanation: Grammar is the correct spelling of the word referring to the set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in a natural language. Grammer is not a standard English word and is often a common misspelling of grammar.

2. Answer: grammar.

Explanation: The correct spelling is grammar when referring to the rules and structures of a language. Grammer is a misspelling and is not accepted in formal English writing or communication.

3. Answer: grammar.

Explanation: Grammar is the correct term used to describe the rules related to word structures and sentence constructions in a language. Grammer is incorrect and should not be used.

4. Answer: grammar.

Explanation: The correct spelling is grammar, which refers to the set of rules that dictate how words and phrases should be written to correctly convey meaning. Grammer is a misspelling.

5. Answer: grammar.

Explanation: Grammar is the accurate spelling of the word, referring to the rules that guide the use of language. Grammer is a common misspelling and is not recognized as a standard word in English.

6. Answer: grammar.

Explanation: The correct spelling of the word is grammar, which refers to the study of how words and their component parts combine to form sentences. Grammer is a misspelling and should not be used in formal writing or communication.

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