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Grinded is a common mistake conjugating the verb 'grind.'


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Ground is a past-tense verb meaning to reduce something to a powder or paste by crushing it, typically with a pestle and mortar.


1. I ground the spices until they were a fine powder.

2. The coffee beans were freshly ground for the perfect cup of coffee.

3. The farmer had to ground the wheat into flour before baking bread.

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Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Grinded", "Ground".

1. Remember that ground is the past tense form of the verb grind.

2. To remember the difference, you can use the phrase 'ground the ground' to remind yourself that the verb grind means to reduce something to a powder or dust like consistency (ground).

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Frequently asked questions

When to use the first word, 'grinded'?

The word grinded is an incorrect conjugation of the verb 'grind' and should be avoided.

When to use the second word, 'ground'?

The word 'ground' has multiple meanings depending on the context. It can refer to land, soil, the bottom of a body of water, a surface or a situation that is familiar to someone. In this case, 'ground' is a verb meaning to prepare something by reducing it to small particles with the help of a grinding device.

Do the words have the same pronunciation?

No, the words are pronounced differently. The first word, 'grinded', is pronounced as 'grin-dəd', while the second word, 'ground', is pronounced as 'graund'.

What are common mistakes associated with words 'grinded' and 'ground'?

The most common mistake associated with these words is confusing them with each other. 'Grinded' is the incorrect conjugation and should be avoided.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. The children love to play on the ___ in the park.

2. The coffee beans need to be ___ before they can be brewed.

3. You should always have a good ___ for your beliefs.

4. Lightning struck and the electricity traveled through the ___.

5. During the storm, its safest to remain on ___ rather than going out to sea.

6. The building foundation is set deep into the ___ to ensure stability.

1. ground

Explanation: Here, ground refers to the surface of the earth, especially when considering an area used as a playground.

2. ground

Explanation: In this context, ground refers to the process of breaking something, especially coffee beans, into small or powder form.

3. ground

Explanation: The term ground in this sentence means a basis or reason for something, like having a basis for ones beliefs.

4. ground

Explanation: Here, ground refers to the earths surface as a conductor through which electricity can travel.

5. ground

Explanation: The word ground is used to describe the land as opposed to the water or air. The context highlights the safety of staying on land during a storm.

6. ground

Explanation: In this sentence, ground denotes the earths solid surface on which structures like buildings are established.

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