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Album by 'Nirvana.'


1. Have you listened to Nirvana's 'Nevermind'?

2. 'Nevermind' is one of the best albums in my memories.

Never Mind


Never mind is an expression that is used to indicate that something is not important or does not need to be considered.


1. 'Never mind, I'll just do it myself.'

2. 'It doesn't matter, never mind.'

3. 'Oh, never mind, I found it.'

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There are no direct synonyms for this word.

There are no direct antonyms for this word.

Never Mind

Forget it


pay attention

Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Nevermind", "Never Mind".

1. Never Mind is two words and is used as an expression meaning 'forget about it' or 'don't worry about it.'

2. The only situation to use 'nevermind' as one word is when you speak about Nirvana's album.

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Frequently asked questions

When to use the first word?

The first word, 'Nevermind,' is name of album made by famous rock group 'Nirvana.'

When to use the second word?

The second word, 'Never Mind,' is used to mean 'forget it' or 'it doesn’t matter.' It is often used as an indication that the speaker has changed their mind about a decision or a request. For example, if you asked someone to do something for you and then decided it was no longer necessary, you could say 'Never mind.'

Do the words have the same pronunciation?

Yes, these words have similar pronunciation, so you have pay attention to the context to use the correct word.

What are common mistakes associated with words?

A common mistake associated with these words is spelling them incorrectly. Remember that a single word 'Nevermind' refers only to the Nirvana's album, while two words 'never mind' refer to the meaning 'forget it.'

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. I was listening to ___ by Nirvana yesterday; the tracks are amazing!

2. ___ what I said earlier; I was mistaken.

3. She asked if I had heard the album ___, and I said yes.

4. If you dont want to come, ___; we can go without you.

5. ___ is one of the most iconic albums from the 90s.

6. I forgot my wallet at home, but ___; I dont need to buy anything.

1. Nevermind

Explanation: The context is about an album by Nirvana, so the correct answer is the title of the album, which is Nevermind.

2. Never mind

Explanation: In this sentence, the expression is used to dismiss or disregard something previously said. Therefore, the correct term is Never mind.

3. Nevermind

Explanation: Again, the context here is about an album, making Nevermind the correct choice.

4. Never mind

Explanation: The sentence uses the term as an expression of dismissing or downplaying importance. Never mind is the appropriate choice.

5. Nevermind

Explanation: Referring to an iconic album from the 90s, the correct choice is Nevermind.

6. Never mind

Explanation: The speaker is dismissing the importance of forgetting their wallet, so the correct term to use is Never mind.

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