How to Learn English at Home: 10 Funny and Effective Activities

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Created: Oct 26, 2022Last updated: Feb 5, 2024
How to Learn English at Home

It’s now hard to imagine life without speaking fluent English, since it is useful in numerous life spheres. For instance, you can participate in international internships or get a career upgrade. However, many people are either too lazy or too busy to attend a school or additional courses. So, they have a question about how to learn English at home and constantly search for ways to study effectively with minimum effort.

In such an instance, home learning is beneficial, since you can have funny and useful classes just lying on your sofa. Of course, you should still spend time and be attentive, but why not combine an effective learning process with some exciting activities? Take a look at the best methods of learning English – we are confident you’ll find one suitable for you.

10 Funny and Effective Activities to Learn English at Home

Read, Read, and Read: Top Option for Newcomers and Experts

Most people say that reading a lot is pretty enough to learn English at home quickly. Of course, this option only works if your grammar is already good: in case you’ve never had an English class, texts in this language will seem like a spell from the underworld. And if you are at least familiar with the basic rules and understand how phrases and sentences are built, start reading!

It doesn’t mean you have to buy tons of classic English literature and avidly read Dickens and Shakespeare. We are convinced that you scroll the news feed and read articles or product descriptions in online stores. Don’t hesitate to choose English in settings: with time, you will notice how much your skills have improved.

You probably have some blogs that you really like to read, so why not use your favorite topics to learn English at home? Search for exciting magazines or influencers and subscribe to them. We know it’s much more convenient to read something in your native language, but it won’t work out unless you start. It can be difficult at first: you’ll have to Google unfamiliar words or even whole sentences. But over time, you will definitely get used to it and will be able to enrich your vocabulary significantly.

Watch Your Favorite TV Show

It often seems that you don’t have time for learning, but for the majority, it’s not true. Most people just forget about some simple options. For instance, we all love watching movies or exciting shows, so why not combine business with enjoyment? Choose one in English or at least with subtitles, and have a great time. The best way to learn new words and phrases is to write them down and try to remember how to use them correctly.

“FRIENDS” is the perfect show to start learning from: the language is pretty simple so that the viewers can understand most phrases even without subtitles. In addition, this TV series is full of slang words, so you can get a feel for how native speakers communicate in real life. However, it’s just a recommendation rather than a rule, so you can choose any movie and enjoy it to learn English from home better. Check Netflix or other platforms for something interesting, and your cinema evenings will become more useful and productive.

Sing Karaoke Alone or With Friends

That might sound unusual, but it really works, especially if you want to strengthen your speaking skills. Have you ever felt that you don’t even understand what your favorite bands sing about? It’s time to fix it! Singing is a perfect way to memorize more phrases and understand the language better.

Organize a party with your friends and choose only English songs. At first, you may experience difficulties, but this is how the educational process goes on! If you are shy about singing for the public, organize an event at home and have fun! It’s also possible to practice alone – no special equipment is required. There are numerous free karaoke apps for download to your smartphone. This is a simple and exciting way to improve your speaking language!

Communicate with Others to Speak More

We hear this advice from everywhere, but it’s the most working tool you can find. So, practice your speaking skills at any opportunity. For example, you can find numerous speaking clubs online and get acquainted with like-minded people who would also like to learn. Another option is to ask your friends and close people to speak only English, which could greatly help all of you. In any case, theoretical knowledge is useless without practice, so don’t skip this step and speak as much as you can.

Find Exciting Quizzes

Such interactive activities are usually common in educational institutions, where students are divided into groups and assigned interesting tasks or quests to complete together. This may seem like a daunting task if you are learning the language on your own, but it is not. There are plenty of interesting things on the Internet. Find exciting quizzes and pass them alone or in groups to have fun and improve your skills. As a rule, they provide the right answers in the end, so you can double-check yourself and work on mistakes to avoid them in the future.

Get Acquainted with Native Speakers

Of course, the best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in an atmosphere where everybody speaks it. However, don’t be upset if you are not planning to visit the UK or the US in the near future. There are numerous ways to get acquainted with foreigners whose English is perfect. We are sure there are many tourists wandering around the streets who would love to make new friends.

If getting acquainted in real life is not the best way for you, then think about social networks. You can meet different people online; just follow the rule of texting only in English. Ask your interlocutor to correct your mistakes if you make any, which will make the communication even more helpful and informative. Besides the chance to learn English better, you also have the possibility of making new friends and meeting them in real life in the future. And this will bring even more practice – be ready to enjoy your fluent English quite soon.

Search for a Speaking Club or Community

There are thousands of like-minded people; you just haven’t met them yet. It’s time to get acquainted with new friends and have a great time together, learning and practicing English. One of the best options is participating in the 

Promova conversation club, which will help you increase your skills after a few lessons. It’s a great way to communicate with others under the supervision of a tutor who will correct your mistakes and answer any questions.

Think About New Hobbies

It’s time to learn something new – of course, in English. For example, if you are a fan of cooking, search for a new recipe and familiarize yourself with all the ingredients and ways to cook them. You will benefit twice: get a delicious dinner and learn new words and phrases. This system works with any activity, so don’t waste time and start right now. The main thing is to find out what you are really interested in, not to abandon classes soon.

You can find numerous courses on the Internet since the educational sector is slightly moving online. No need to visit boring lectures anymore: find the subject you are really fond of and immerse into learning with enthusiasm and pleasure! It is one of the best ways to learn English at home, so choose the activity and prepare to learn a lot.

Use the Emotional Drawing Method

This option will be especially relevant for those who like painting. Take a piece of paper, draw anything, and then mark the picture with some English words or phrases. This might seem weird, but your brain will create associations with the drawing and connect it to the new terms.

The most important thing is to concentrate on English words while drawing. This method is often used for children, but it will work perfectly for adults too. Besides the evident advantages, this alternative is also a perfect relaxation method, so you can combine studying with rest.

Create a New Personality

This method works almost the same as immersing yourself into the language atmosphere: imagine you are a UK citizen and create a new personality. Come up with your new name, career, hobbies, habits, and lifestyle. Speak out loud and talk about yourself, either alone or with a group. Of course, pronounce all phrases in English – forget that you’ve ever known any other language. Such a unique atmosphere will help you open all your abilities and fill in the gaps in case you don’t know something.


Top Reasons to Start Learning English at Home

We understand that it’s sometimes difficult to find the motivation and inspiration to start learning. Some feel lazy about this point, while others consider that they don’t need it. So, we’ve gathered some reasons why you should start it right now:

  • You won’t experience any difficulties traveling and communicating with people from different countries, since English is a universal language.
  • Learning English can help improve memory and keep your brain sharp.
  • You can participate in numerous educational programs, since most foreigners in worldwide-famous universities have the possibility of learning in English.
  • Speaking fluent English opens up more career opportunities for a person.
  • Numerous masterpieces in literature are written in English, and it would be so delightful to read them in their original language.
  • You will learn the culture and traditions much better.
  • You will be proud of yourself for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Finally, you will understand that learning this language is easy, and 20 minutes a day is enough to become a fluent speaker quite soon. Of course, only regular lessons and activities will provide you with the desired results, so don’t forget about using English in your everyday life.

How to Study English at Home: Looking for Motivation

The issue of motivation is one of the most significant for learners, so experts recommend setting clear goals and trying to reach them within the stated time frames. We often consider education a serious step and put it off for different reasons. However, it’s time to begin, so take a look at the essential tips to follow: do not turn off the path, and you will definitely succeed in learning English!

Set a Certain Goal

Sit back and think about where English might be useful for you. You will probably find numerous reasons: traveling, career prospects, meeting new people, moving to another country, etc. The essential point at this stage is to find motivation: you can write down all the potential benefits of learning English and think about which ones are the most critical at the moment.

Dream a Bit

So, you have already chosen the reason why you need to start learning English immediately. And now it's time to visualize: just imagine your life when you are fluent in this language. For example, fantasize about how you will spend your new job’s pay or what you will tell your new foreign friends while traveling. Images like these will surely inspire you to start your learning immediately without any delays!

It is worth noting that you will definitely become more confident in yourself after starting to speak English. You will not only be able to travel and enjoy communication in any country in the world, but also significantly improve your resume. Moreover, it’s a great reason to praise yourself, and those around you will certainly admire your hard work and perseverance.

Practice Every Day

Of course, dreams are wonderful, but remember that you need to work for them. As we already wrote, you need to practice daily: even 20 minutes will be effective if you really devote time to it. Do not try to come up with excuses why you will miss classes today because this will not bring the desired result. In addition, the number of methods available is so vast that you definitely do not want to put off learning English.

Theoretical knowledge is essential in learning, but you have nothing to do with it without practice. This concerns any subject, and English is no exception. Spending time with texts, books, quizzes, and TV shows is exciting, but speaking skills are the key. If you don’t have any friends who could support you in this issue, searching for a community or a speaking club is the best solution.

For instance, Promova is a great place to receive basic theoretical skills and get a lot of practice with highly qualified tutors. The platform provides different lessons of varying difficulty levels so that every student can find a suitable program and learn with enthusiasm and pleasure.

It can be hard to get used to at first, but don't be lazy and always make the time you need. Later, it will become a habit, and you will not be able to imagine your routine without traditional English learning activities. Start with a minimum time and gradually increase it to make such lessons a habit, and you will receive tons of pleasant emotions from the process!

Choose the Most Appropriate Methodology

There are so many learning opportunities in today’s world that students don't have to sit for hours on boring exercise books. Above, we gave examples of activities that will help in learning English at home. Choose any technique that suits you and start right now. We would like to note that regular reading is a must-have for every student, since it’s the best way for the brain to absorb information. Do not forget about this rule, and you will be able to learn English quickly and efficiently!

Don’t Search for Reasons to Delay Education

We often postpone many important things for later, justifying ourselves that we have too much to do. We are tired at work, or there is absolutely no suitable place for learning since routine things are always waiting at home. However, it's time to admit that these are just excuses. Stop looking for reasons not to learn English. Start right now, and you will realize how much you have lost!

Tips for Those Who Just Start Learning English

So, you’ve already decided to start the learning process – and you may feel confused even though there are numerous techniques. It is always difficult for beginner students since they do not know what to grasp. Here are a couple of expert tips on what to look for first and how to learn the English language at home for free and enjoy this activity every day.

Start from the Simplest Words

No one begins their acquaintance with the language by studying highly specialized vocabulary, and we do not recommend it. To get started, look for the most common words and phrases and try to remember how to use them correctly. As a rule, such vocabulary concerns your routine: with its help, in an English-speaking environment, you can figure out: how to get to the nearest store or find the right bus. It will be more than enough for a beginner: first, deal with the basics, and then start reading Shakespeare in the original.

Regularly Review What You Have Learned

You can learn dozens of phrases and expressions in one day. But, unfortunately, you will not remember most of them in a couple of weeks without regular repetition of the learned material. There are numerous options for memorizing the necessary details and ensuring that you won’t forget them in the future. You can choose any available method among the following:

  • download an English learning app that will save your progress and offer you to review the material;
  • make yourself flashcards with learned words and keep them in plain sight, which will help you remember them better;
  • hire a tutor who will create an individual training program for you.

Of course, it’s always better to have a teacher who will always control your activities and track your progress. Promova offers the best opportunities for students, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get a personalized educational program for your best experience. 

Choose the most suitable lessons according to your goals; whether you need to improve your writing or speaking skills or learn grammar better, professional tutors are ready to help you. The platform will provide you with all the details on how to learn English at home step by step and achieve the desired results as soon as possible.

Identify your Weaknesses

This stage is necessary so that you or your teacher know what to concentrate on and what to ignore. For example, you may have a rich vocabulary, but you do not know how to use it effectively. Someone writes clearly but does not perceive information by ear: in this case, a speaking club will be a great solution. It’s important to evaluate these points in advance to know what to focus on. This is vital both during independent study and lessons with a teacher.

Start a Blog

Writing in a copybook is a thing of the past, so start a blog and write as many posts as you can. Choose any topic that interests you and do it regularly, which will greatly increase your vocabulary and skills. Of course, at first, you may not get the perfect text: use textbooks or a translator to clarify those words or phrases you do not know. 

If you get followers, ask them to correct mistakes and give advice on improving your writing skills. Another benefit of this method is that the blog will keep all the posts so that you can track the progress and find the gaps and mistakes in your previous texts.

Tips to Quickly Memorize English Words and Phrases

Enriching your vocabulary is one of the main rules of learning a foreign language. However, not everyone manages to memorize the necessary phrases quickly, and many learners have to turn to dictionaries again and again. Here we will give you some tips on making this process quick and efficient so that you can definitely improve your memory and skills.

Remember Not Only a Word But Its Context

Language is whole phrases and sentences, so knowing one specific word will not give you anything. Try to remember the context of an unfamiliar expression and apply it by making new sentences. In this way, your brain will receive associations, allowing you to remember and successfully use the word in your speech.

Search for Synonyms & Antonyms

This option will work for those who already have a basic vocabulary and are searching for ways of improving it. If you see an unknown expression, try to remember its context and come up with synonyms or antonyms that will help you quickly understand it’s meaning next time. Moreover, you will promptly recall the word and improve your vocabulary immediately.

Find Proper Images

That is a perfect trick for those who like visualizing everything: choose suitable pictures of newly learned words and look at them from time to time. In such an instance, your brain will form certain associations that will help you recall the necessary information at the right moment. The best way is to keep them on your smartphone so that you can take it out of your pocket and use them as a cheat sheet if needed.

Create Senseless Stories

If you need to memorize a lot of words at once, combine them into sentences. Even if such a story doesn't make much sense, it will become an association, allowing you to remember the necessary phrases at the right time. Moreover, there’s a weird fact: our brain better memorizes something senseless, so we are confident that this method will work out.

Parse the Word by Composition

This option is relevant if you don’t have a dictionary at hand. It is quite possible that thanks to the same-root words and the right associations, you can guess the meaning without even translating it into your native language. Of course, it works only if you already have some basic knowledge of the English language, while newcomers would still need to use the translator.

Don’t Forget to Repeat the Learned Words

Unfortunately, it is impossible to remember a word just by looking at it once. That's why, don't forget to regularly use the learned phrases in spoken or written language. Thus, you can better remember them and use them in everyday life.


The opinion that learning English is boring and monotonous is a thing of the past, since the variety of exciting methods will impress even the most skeptical learners. You don’t have to spend hours at an educational establishment or sit in front of boring manuals for ages. Remember that the process of education should bring pleasure, and modern applications and language schools will definitely take care of this. Promova offers lessons for students of all levels, so choose the desired program and enjoy the learning process.

With time, you will understand that English is really easy, and you just lack the motivation to start learning. However, remember that repeating everything from time to time is a must, since our brain has the ability to forget even the most essential details. Set clear goals and choose the right program, and you will be able to enjoy your fluent English in a short time. Ready to enjoy chatting with native speakers and not experiencing communication problems while traveling around the world?


What are the easiest and most popular ways to learn English at home for free?

Most students state that reading books and watching movies is a pleasant pastime that greatly helps in learning. Of course, attending online classes with a highly qualified tutor is also a beneficial option that will help you learn the language quickly and efficiently. Finally, downloading specialized apps is also efficient, but consistency is the key, so don’t forget to use them daily to improve your skills.

How to start learning English?

First and foremost, experts recommend setting clear goals and choosing the most suitable method to make the process exciting. After that, start with the easiest words and phrases and try to memorize them as soon as possible. Moreover, regular practice of writing and speaking skills will be useful for every learner, so don’t miss the chance to communicate in English, whether verbally or in the form of messages on social networks.

Where to find motivation for learning a foreign language?

You can never learn a language until you really want to do it. That is why it is important to set goals and describe your future plans: for example, you want a promotion at work. After that, your brain will perceive learning as a necessary step to achieve the goal and will work towards it. Certain aims are the best source of inspiration, so take some time and write them down.

Is it really possible to learn English for only half an hour a day?

Yes, it is. However, it’s important to stick to several rules, and the most significant one is regularity. Take time to study every day and do it well without being distracted by other things. In addition, it is important to analyze your mistakes and gaps to fill them in and bring your skills to perfection.


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