Time To Relax! Party Story Phrases In English

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Party Story Phrases In English

The manner in which you converse in a party is nowhere compared to how you speak in a business meeting or any other professional gathering. For you to be able to flow in conversations at parties, learning some commonly used slangs and phrases is a necessity for you, except if you're not the party type. Different individuals have been able to form quite a number of phrases and slangs exclusively dedicated to parties. If you're looking for the perfect article to let you in on the slangs and phrases used in parties, you're at the right place. In this article, you'll become acquainted with some party phrases, slangs, vocabularies, their meanings, as well as examples to make them clearer.

Party Phrases: Answers to Popular Questions.

Being in a party where everyone uses slang and phrases you don't understand can bring about a very awkward feeling. You probably may have been wondering the meaning of the phrases you frequently hear your friends use at parties. Not to worry, the long-expected you've been seeking is right here. Highlighted below are some of the commonly used party phrases and words with their meanings, and examples to make you get the picture perfectly.

1. Have a whale of a time

When you hear the phrase 'Have a whale of time' at a party, the message the speaker is trying to convey is that you should have a real good time. Enjoying yourself to the fullest is also another way you may interpret the phrase.

Example; Hey, Paul. I'm glad you showed up. Do have a whale of time at the party.

2. The life or soul of the party

This phrase is used as a tag for anyone in the party that cracks everyone up. Anyone who entertains everyone else in the party through words or actions is also 'The life or soul of the party'.

Example; Thanks for showing up at the party yesterday, you were the life of the party.

3. Party Popper

Literally, you would have been expecting the phrase to mean something really nice, but it's definitely an irony. You may have experienced it in a party when someone racks or brings up boring jokes and vibes that pisses everyone off. Well, that person is for sure the party popper. A party pooper is just anyone that drains the life of a party.

Example: Don't invite Jane; she's such a party popper.

4. The more, the merrier

When you hear someone use this phrase, what the person is insinuating is that; the life of the party is dependent on the number of people present. That is, the energy or fun level of the party is number (people) dependent.

Example: I'm glad you came; the more, the merrier.

5. After Party

The after party is a mini party that is held after the main party has ended. If you've been invited to an after party, just know that it will be a hangout involving you and your close circle, not everyone at the party.

Example: The after party was more enjoyable than the party itself.

6. Baby Shower

If you have an expectant mother in your circle, you should be expecting to be invited to a baby shower real soon. A baby shower is a celebration by the expectant mother and her close circle before she puts to bed. It is a ceremony where gifts are received in bounty by the mother to celebrate her motherhood as well as her unborn child.

Example: I'm four months gone, I really can't wait for my baby shower.

7. Happy birthday to you

This popular phrase is employed in the celebration of the day of birth of anyone. If you've been invited to a birthday party, it is very much you should expect to chorus the happy birthday song to celebrate the celebrant.

Example: Today is your birthday, Mary. Happy birthday to you!

Party Supplies Basic Vocabulary

Party Supplies Basic Vocabulary

1. Invitation Cards

An invitation card is one of the first things needed even before a party will take place. Using an invitation card is a necessity if you'll be holding any party soon.

The invitation card is considered necessary because it will contain important details like your party date, address, time, dress code, and other information for all your invited guests.

2. Thank You Notes

Invitation cards are sent before the party while 'Thank you notes' are sent after the party.

Thank you notes are means of expressing your gratitude to everyone that showed up at your party. Sending personal greetings (Thank you notes) to your friends is one of the best things ever.

3. Partyware

Partyware contains the items needed for the refreshment of your guests, like cups, cutlery, plates, and so on. You can easily plan appropriately for the partywares needed by checking the responses you get from the already sent invitation cards.

4. Decorations

Having to celebrate your party in your living room, garden, or just anywhere with the same old look will sure be quite boring. A little touch of decoration will sure spice up your environment and make it seem new in the sight of your guests.

The amazing thing about decoration is that it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. Some balloons, banners, wall decor, and a few other things will do.

How to Describe a Party?

Highlighted below are some of the words to describe how a party went:

  • Today's party was thrilling- Had so much fun.
  • The party was so boring- Had no trace of fun.
  • It was laid back- Had a great time.
  • The party was electrifying- It was a wild party.
  • It was crazy- It was a wild party with so much fun.

Words to Describe the Features of a Party

Highlighted below are some of the words to describe the music played in a party:

  • It was rocking- It was filled with lots of fun.
  • It was nice- It was great.
  • Right up my street- The playlist consisted majorly of the songs you love.
  • It was too soothing- It was relaxing and calm.

Highlighted below are some of the words to describe the atmosphere of the party:

  • It was laid back – Had a great time.
  • It was chilled out – Had a nice time.
  • It was electrifying – It was a wild party with so much fun.

Highlighted below are some of the words to describe the way the party scene was decorated:

  • Funky – Beautifully decorated.
  • Cool – Quite attractive.
  • Quite Tacky – Poorly decorated.
  • Themed – Decorated to match up with a selected theme.

Specific party description words


You'll hear the word, “cherry” often at Christmas parties. You can describe a party as one with a cherry vibe if everyone present exudes positive or happy vibes.   


It is a slang which is used in describing parties that reflect excitement at its peak.


An enjoyable party is one where you have a lot of fun with lots of excitement embedded in it as well as fun-filled activities.    


A party with so many thrills is one in which you experienced fun at its peak or at a maximum level.


Blocko is the slang used for a block party.


Christmas seasons are usually referred to as festive seasons. The word shows how lovely and fun-filled a party seems. 


Whenever you hear any party tagged as “Magical”, it means such party had a number of activities that were too good to be real. A magical party is one with a refreshing experience that brings about moments you've always envisioned having in a long time.


A peaceful party is one that goes at a low level (softly) from the music to the people present at the party.


A blowout is used to describe a big and expensive party. It is usually a fun-filled and exciting party.


A party that involves compassionate and merciful people who share the same with everyone around is a warm party. It involves the giving of gifts among the individuals present.


This term is mostly used to describe Christmas parties. It perfectly describes the vibes of Christians who believe in Jesus Christ as their saviour. The term “spiritual party” is commonly used among Christians. 


11 Party Story English Expression

To paint the town red: To have an extremely great and crazy time.

Example: We are going to paint the town red tonight.

A party animal: Someone who never jokes with parties and will be seen at virtually all parties.

Example: I'm a party animal. I've never missed any party in my neighborhood.

A wild child: A teenager or any young adult who is a party animal (doesn't joke with parties).

Example: Archie is truly a wild child.

To large it up: To have a great time

Example: I really can't wait to large it up at the weekend.

A social butterfly: Someone who is very friendly and associates with a lot of people without restrictions. Thereby, having a lot of friends and acquaintances.

Example: Is Alice also your friend? You're such a social butterfly.

To be a laugh: To be of great company.

Example: You are a bit of a laugh, you should accompany me to the party.

To throw a party: To organize a party

Example: I will be throwing a party soon.

A wet blanket: Someone who detests having fun.

Example: My brother refused to accompany me to the party. He's such a wet blanket. 

Billy no-mates: A man without friends.

Example: Alex is a Billy no-mate; he's always seen alone.

Norma no-mates: A woman without friends.

Example: Agnes has always been a Norma no-mate.

To pour cold water on: To who turns off the liveliness or fun in an atmosphere.

Example: He poured cold water on the whole show by racking that boring joke.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to call a kid’s party?

You can decide to go digital or manually. For a kid’s party, it is always cool to involve your child in the whole process and the manual form of writing will be great but it's your choice though. If your kid isn't able to write yet, you can as well hand over the crayon for colouring to him to add some creative touch to the invitation written by you. Also, if developing intimacy with your kid is a priority for you, you'll find this method of writing invitation cards with your kid really helpful. Lastly, do well to attach an RSVP date so as to know the exact number of persons that will be coming over. Although some people may show up unannounced, you'll still have an almost accurate headcount.

What informal expression is used for a party?

Clam Bake A Clambake party is one in which the population of women is high when compared to that of the men. Darty This is a day time party where the guests present take a whole lot of alcoholic drinks. The word was derived from the combination of “drunken” and “party.” Do It is a slang which is used in describing parties that reflect excitement at its peak. This is almost the same as a bash. Party Hop To party hop means to attend different parties in a day/night. PLAR/Party Like a Rockstar This means to party in a way that is out of the norm (wildly) while taking hard drugs.

How to phrase party invitation?

Write out a Guest List: Writing out the names of the persons you would like to invite beforehand will save you from a whole lot of stress during your preparation for the party. It will also help you budget accurately for the things you'll need to make your party a success. Pick a Theme: Selecting a party theme is necessary to aid uniformity in your party. The theme will serve as a guide for your event planners and as well for your invitation cards designs. Location and Date: Ensure you include the location where your party will be held as well as the date to avoid excuses from your guests so they can fix it in their schedules. It also will help in keeping your budget accurate. Select an Invitation Design: The clarity of the message in the invitation card is of topmost priority. So, ensure the message you're trying to pass will be understandable by your guests. Address the Recipient by their Names: Guests find it cool when they are being specifically addressed by their names. Although this may take time, it will always be worth your time.

How Do You Say a Party in slang?

People prefer to describe things using slang, especially among their circle. You can use the word, Partay as a slang in the stead of the word, Party.


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