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Clip is a device used to hold cartridges together for loading into a firearm's magazine.


1. He quickly loaded a new clip into his pistol during the firefight.

2. After emptying the clip, he fumbled to reload in haste.

3. The soldier practiced reloading his rifle with precision, ensuring the clip was seated properly.



A magazine is a container or feeding device within or attached to a firearm that holds cartridges before they are fed into the chamber for firing.


1. The rifle's magazine had a capacity of thirty rounds.

2. She carefully cleaned the magazine of her handgun after a day at the shooting range.

3. He swapped out the empty magazine for a fresh one, preparing for the next round of shooting.

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Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Clip", "Magazine".

1. Clip: Think of a clip as a simple device that holds rounds together, usually with a piece of metal, to be inserted into a magazine or cylinder. It doesn't have a spring mechanism to feed the ammo into the chamber.

2. Magazine: Remember that a magazine is a more complex device with a spring mechanism.

3. Clip: Visualize a paperclip. Just like a paperclip holds papers together without a mechanism to move them, a clip holds rounds together without feeding them into the chamber.

4. Magazine: Imagine a printed magazine. It contains several pages (like a magazine holds several rounds) and you flip through them one by one (like the magazine feeds rounds into the chamber one by one).

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Frequently asked questions

When to use the first word?

'Clip' is used in the context of firearms to refer to a device that holds together rounds of ammunition to facilitate faster reloading of a firearm. Clips feed magazines, either internally or externally, and do not have a spring or a feeding mechanism. They simply hold the bullets in place to be transferred into the magazine, which is integral to the firearm.

When to use the second word?

'Magazine' refers to a spring-loaded container for ammunition that is an integral part of repeating firearms. It can be detachable or fixed and is designed to feed cartridges directly into the firearm's chamber. Magazines come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be located in different parts of a firearm, such as the grip, stock, or mounted externally.

Do the words have the same pronunciation?

No, 'clip' and 'magazine' have different pronunciations. 'Clip' is pronounced /klip/, rhyming with 'ship,' while 'magazine' is pronounced /ˌmæɡəˈziːn/, with the emphasis on the last syllable, rhyming with 'bean.' It's crucial to use the correct term, especially in contexts involving firearm safety and usage, to avoid confusion.

What are common mistakes associated with these words?

A common mistake is using 'clip' and 'magazine' interchangeably, as they refer to different components related to firearm ammunition. Misusing these terms can lead to confusion, especially in discussions about firearm mechanics or legislation. It's essential to remember that a clip feeds a magazine, while a magazine feeds a firearm, maintaining accuracy and clarity in communication about firearms.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. The soldier quickly inserted a _____ into his rifle before heading into battle.

2. The _____ holds rounds of ammunition and feeds them into the chamber of the firearm.

3. Some people mistakenly refer to a gun _____ as a clip.

4. The _____ was designed to hold 15 rounds of ammunition.

5. He removed the _____ from the firearm to ensure it was safe.

6. The _____ was empty, so he had to reload before he could continue firing.

1. Answer: magazine.

Explanation: A magazine is a device used to hold and feed cartridges to a firearm. In the context of preparing for battle, a soldier would load a magazine into their rifle.

2. Answer: magazine.

Explanation: A magazine is designed to feed ammunition into the chamber of a firearm. It holds multiple rounds of ammunition and can be fixed or detachable.

3. Answer: magazine.

Explanation: The term magazine is often incorrectly referred to as a clip by those unfamiliar with firearm terminology. A clip is a device for holding a group of cartridges, which can be used to load a magazine.

4. Answer: magazine.

Explanation: A magazine holds rounds of ammunition and can be designed to hold various amounts, depending on the firearm and design. The sentence refers to the capacity of the magazine.

5. Answer: magazine.

Explanation: Removing the magazine is a step that can be taken to clear a firearm and make it safe. A magazine is a detachable or fixed device that holds and feeds ammunition into a firearm.

6. Answer: clip.

Explanation: While magazine could also be correct in some contexts, using clip here can illustrate the common colloquial usage of the term, especially in a non-technical or casual conversation about firearms. Note that technically, a clip is used to load a magazine, but in everyday language, people might use clip to refer to a magazine.

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