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a 'seriously' adverb is used to demonstrate a heightened level of intensity or seriousness when speaking or writing. It is usually placed next to an adjective, verb, or other adverb for emphasis. It can also be used to add strong emphasis to a sentence, such as 'I am seriously considering a new job.'

when using the word seriously as an adverb, it should always emphasize the intensity of the word it is placed beside. It should never be used to simply mean 'in reality' or to express disbelief in a situation.

1. His comments were taken seriously by everyone in the room.

2. She is seriously considering changing careers.

3. This issue should be taken very seriously.

as mentioned previously, the word seriously should never be used to indicate disbelief or surprise. Another common mistake is to accidentally use the word 'seriously' as a noun when intending to use a synonym such as 'seriousness' instead.

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