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adjective 'bigger' describes something that has a larger size or extent compared to something else. It is a comparative form of the adjective 'big' and is used to compare two objects or entities. For example, 'The elephant is bigger than the mouse' or 'Her house is much bigger than ours.' When preceded by the words 'the' or 'much', the word 'bigger' is used in positive degree comparisons.

1. The bigger picture here is that everyone needs to make a sacrifice.

2. The girls' bedroom is always a lot bigger than the boys'.

3. His truck was much bigger than the car I had.

when being used to describe something of superior size, the comparative adjective 'bigger' must be used in its comparison form. It should not be used on its own (e.g., 'He has a bigger') since that would not be a complete sentence. Additionally, make sure to use the correct verb form when talking about something larger in size. For example, the correct sentence is 'The construction crane is bigger than the front loader,' as opposed to 'The construction crane is big than the front loader.'

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