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any thin, flat and round object.


1. She found an old disc in the attic that turned out to be a vintage vinyl record from the 1960s.

2. The frisbee is a popular outdoor toy shaped like a disc, often used for throwing and catching.

3. The DVD disc contained all the episodes of her favorite TV series, allowing her to binge-watch the entire season.



A flat, circular object typically made of metal, plastic, or a similar material, used for storing, reading, or writing data on a computer.


1. My computer crashed and I had to reformat the hard disk.

2. She was spinning the Frisbee like a disk in the air.

3. He stored all his important files on a floppy disk.

Learn similar and opposite words to spot the difference




1. Wheel

2. Cog

3. Turntable

4. Plate

5. Circular Object

1. Cube

2. Sphere

3. Cylinder

4. Block

5. Pyramid


1. Disc

2. Memory Card

3. Compact Disc

4. Floppy Disk

5. Hard Drive

1. Cloud storage

Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Disc", "Disk".

1. Disc: This is a broader term that can apply to any thin, flat, round object, not just tech-related items.

2. Disk: This spelling is more specific, predominantly referring to data storage or certain anatomical features, like the 'intervertebral disk' in the spine.

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Frequently asked questions

When should 'Disc' be used?

Disc is usually used to refer to any circular plain ojbect.

When is the appropriate context for using 'Disk'?

Disk is usually used when referring to a computer storage device, such as a hard disk or a flash disk. It is also often used when talking about the mechanical components inside a computer, such as a disk drive.

Do the two words share the same pronunciation?

Yes, the two words are pronounced the same, with a short 'i' sound and a soft 'k' sound at the end.

What are some common mistakes people make when using these words?

People often confuse the two words and use them interchangeably. However, it is important to remember that disc is typically used to refer to physical objects, while disk usually refers to computer storage devices or components.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. I need to back up my files onto an external _______.

2. The CD player isnt working because theres a scratch on the _______.

3. My laptops _______ drive is malfunctioning, so I might need to get it replaced.

4. The sculpture was made of various _______ shapes stacked on top of one another.

5. When you finish installing the software, please eject the _______.

6. In certain games, players throw a flying _______ to score points.

1. Answer: disk

Explanation: The mention of back up my files hints at the context of storing data on a computer, so disk is the correct word.

2. Answer: disc

Explanation: The mention of the CD player indicates that the round object is intended for music or audio playback, making disc the appropriate term.

3. Answer: disk

Explanation: The phrase laptops disk drive specifically relates to a computers storage component, hence disk is the correct term.

4. Answer: disc

Explanation: This sentence refers to the physical shape of an object in a sculpture, which means the general term disc should be used.

5. Answer: disc

Explanation: The reference to installing the software suggests this could be about a CD or DVD, both of which use the spelling disc.

6. Answer: disc

Explanation: The context of a game where a flying object is thrown indicates a recreational use, like a frisbee, hence disc is appropriate.

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