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the verb form of endure means to suffer or experience something difficult or unpleasant, often for an extended period of time. It can also mean to maintain or carry on through a difficult situation or outcome.

the verb form of endure is intransitive (not followed by a direct object) and tends to be used with prepositions such as through, for, and beyond.

1. She endured her parents' bitter divorce for many years.

2. After enduring countless setbacks, he finally accomplished his dream.

3. Our family has endured many changes, but we remain close.

the verb form of endure should not be confused with the adjective form, which means to be lasting or permanent. It is also important to differentiate between 'endure' and 'suffer'; while the two words share some overlap, endure carries a sense of perseverance and strength while suffer is more closely linked to pain or hardship.

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