Formulas vs Formulae

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What’s the difference between them?



plural of 'formula' that refers to an equation or a set of mathematical instructions that are used to solve a problem.'


1. The chemist memorized several formulas to reference during the experiment.

2. I learned formulas in math class to help me solve equations.

3. The formula for calculating the area of a triangle is A=1/2bh.



less popular variant of 'formulas.'


1. The high school physics teacher wrote several scientific formulae on the whiteboard.

2. The engineer calculated the cost of the project by using various mathematical formulae.

3. The chemist memorized a variety of chemistry formulae in order to pass the exam.

Learn similar and opposite words to spot the difference




1. Equations

2. Recipes

3. Algorithms

4. Expressions

5. Rules of thumb

1. Randomness

2. Inaccuracy

3. Arbitrariness

4. Unpredictability

5. Unstructuredness


1. Equations

2. Algorithms

3. Recipes

4. Calculations

5. Prescriptions

1. Guesswork

2. Trial and error

3. Intuition

4. Chaos

5. Disorder

Tricks for mastery

Useful tips to understand the difference between confusing words "Formulas", "Formulae".

1. Formulas and formulae are both nouns that refer to a set of rules or equations that explain the relationships between different concepts or variables.

2. There is no difference since both spelling are correct. 'Formulas' is more popular spelling.

3. If you are in doubt, use 'Formulas.'

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Frequently asked questions

When should 'Formulas' be used?

Formulas are used in mathematics, chemistry, physics, engineering, and other sciences to calculate or express a certain process or equation. They are usually written using symbols and can also be expressed in plain language.

When is the appropriate context for using 'Formulae'?

Formulae are the plural of formula and are also a way of expressing a certain process or equation, usually used in the same contexts as formulas. They can be written with symbols, but are more often written in plain language.

Do 'Formulas' and 'Formulae' share the same pronunciation?

Yes, both words are pronounced the same – 'for-myu-luh' – with the emphasis on the second syllable.

What are some common mistakes people make when using these words?

Since both words are correct, there are no common mistakes in using them. If you are in doubt which word to use, always use 'formulas' since this spelling is more popular.

Fill in the gaps to check yourself

1. The professor explained the intricate ____________ of calculus to the students.

2. The ____________ in the laboratory are used to test the chemical properties of various substances.

3. The students had to memorize hundreds of ____________ for their chemistry exam.

4. The ____________ of trigonometry can be used to calculate angles in various shapes.

5. The professor wrote the ____________ on the board for the students to copy down.

6. The students were expected to understand the mathematical ____________ by the end of the semester.

1. Formulae/formulas

Explanation: both spellings are correct.

2. Formulae/formulas

Explanation: both spellings are correct.

3. Formulae/formulas

Explanation: both spellings are correct.

4. Formulae/formulas

Explanation: both spellings are correct.

5. Formulae/formulas

Explanation: both spellings are correct.

6. Formulae/formulas

Explanation: both spellings are correct.

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