English for Work

Do you want to make your communication in a work setting more effective? ‘English for Work’ is a special course we designed at Promova to equip you with the language and cultural skills needed to succeed in the professional arena.


Together with a certified tutor, you will follow a personalised course program to make sure your learning experience is designed just for you, addressing your needs. With our ‘English for Work’ course you will experience interactive classroom sessions, engaging activities, and real-life simulation dialogues so you can be ready for anything on your professional journey.


You will learn to interact with international teams, participate in meetings, handle negotiations and business correspondence effectively, etc.

Real-Life Situations

With the Promova ‘English for Work’ course you will practice through situational dialogues, role-plays, and real-life conversations, all related to work setting.

Personalized learning plan

At Promova, we know that everyone learns differently, so we create personalized learning plans just for you. Together with your teacher, you can choose the topics that matter to you. Our goal is to make your English learning journey effective, enjoyable, and easy for you.

Meet some of our English language tutors

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What you will get on this course

You will learn

English Reading
— 01

Boost your English skills for any job with vocabulary that is useful in various work settings, such as management, finance, formal communication, and other business areas.

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— 02
Useful language

You will also learn some useful language to help you show your expertise and speak more confidently in meetings, presentations, negotiations, write professional emails, reports and documents. 

Learn more
— 03

You will learn how to express your attitude, how to sound more confident, how to ask questions correctly, stress the right words so that you send the correct message when you’re negotiating, and a lot more.

Practice With a Tutor

You will be able to

Multitasking Student Girl
— 01
Speak fluently

Since speaking is the main mode of communication, we have included lots of different speaking tasks, from online meetings and phone calls to creating and delivering presentations at conferences.

Practice With a Tutor
— 02
Write effectively

You may not notice it, but part of your work life is done in writing too. We will learn to communicate on corporate messengers, write persuasive emails to colleagues, partners and clients, etc.

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— 03
Communicate with different people

Our course will help you develop a set of skills to build rapport, negotiate successfully, resolve conflicts in different work environments and create strong and work relationships with people.

Start learning

Test Your English Skills

Before you start, we will ask you to do a test to prioritize what you need to work on. This information will help us put you in the right level and choose the right materials. Our ‘English for Work’ course covers a lot of topics, so we will ask you to choose the ones which are relevant to you in order to create your personalised learning plan.

Online Test Time
Test My English

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Why Learners Love Promova

hand-holding-flag-of-germany 1.png
I had and still have great experiences with promova. The fact that I can book my classes when I want helps me a lot, because I have a busy schedule at work.
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It was a wonderful experience
Flag of Brazil
I really enjoy my class and my tutor was very friendly and gentle. She made me feel confident about improving my speech and she looked like a well-prepared professional.
Thanks to my tutor in English. This language is hard for me, but thanks to the patience of my teacher, everything works out. No one hurries me, does not drive me, but studies at a pace. It is comfortable for me.

Frequently asked questions

How is English for Work different from standard classes?

English for Work focuses specifically on teaching English language skills and vocabulary that are needed in professional or workplace environments, such as business meetings, presentations, negotiations, email writing, etc.

How long is the course?

The number of lessons will depend on your needs. The first lesson is a diagnostic lessons, during which your tutor will identify your level, and will check with you which topics you need to work on. We recommend at least twelve 50-minute lessons, so if you're thinking about what package to choose, go for that one.

What level is this course for?

We will offer you a placement test before the first lesson, and based on the results, we will offer a program suited to your level. English for Work usually starts at the Intermediate level, but we have designed the course so that students at Pre-Intermediate level can join too.

Can I choose the topics I want to learn?

There is a big list of topics which are part of this course. You will be able to choose the topics from out list to make sure we can personalise your experience and work on your specific needs.