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Herbs Names Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which herb is often used in Italian cuisine, especially with tomatoes?

2. Which herb has needle-like leaves and is often used with meats?

3. Which herb is crucial in many Asian and Latin American dishes and has flat leaves?

4. Which herb is known for its calming properties and is often used in teas or essential oils?

5. Which daisy-like herb is frequently used in teas for its soothing effects?

6. Which herb is recognized for its strong menthol-like scent and is commonly used for respiratory relief?

7. Which herb has a strong, earthy scent and is popular in perfumes and incense?

8. Which herb is often used in Thai cuisine and has a citrusy flavor?

9. Which herb has a sour taste and is often used in soups and sauces?

10. Which herb is similar to oregano but milder and has a sweet aromatic scent?