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Musical Instruments Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which instrument is known for its high-pitched sound and is played with a bow?

2. What is the largest brass instrument that is deep in pitch?

3. Which stringed instrument is synonymous with Hawaiian music?

4. Which percussion instrument is a pair of rattles filled with beans or pebbles?

5. The saxophone is made of brass but is classified as a ______ because of its mouthpiece.

6. Which keyboard instrument emulates the sound and feel of an acoustic piano but is electronic?

7. The ______ is a brass instrument without valves and is used mainly in military calls.

8. Which woodwind instrument is similar to an oboe but longer and has a deeper pitch?

9. Which instrument is a portable keyboard with keys and bellows, often used in folk music?

10. The ______ is a stringed instrument with a drum-like body, commonly used in country and bluegrass music.