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Outdoor Activities Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which activity involves using a sailboat to travel or race on water?

2. If you are swimming on the surface of the water to observe underwater life, what are you doing?

3. What activity involves walking in nature, especially in the mountains or forests?

4. Which of the following is a sport of climbing mountains?

5. What activity involves descending a rock face using a rope?

6. Which activity involves flying in the air using a fabric wing that's foot-launched from hills or cliffs?

7. If you are driving over sand dunes in a 4x4 vehicle, typically at high speeds, what are you doing?

8. Which activity is similar to snowboarding but is done on sand dunes?

9. What activity involves journeying through desert landscapes using camels?

10. Which outdoor activity involves creating sculptures using only sand and water?