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Sports Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. Which term in boxing refers to a move made famous by Muhammad Ali, involving rapid footwork?

2. In gymnastics, what is the name of the narrow, elevated apparatus where gymnasts perform routines?

3. In squash, which term describes a shot played deliberately off the side or back wall to change the direction of play?

4. In hockey, what is the term for the defensive act of skating back toward your own goal to disrupt the opposing team's attack?

5. Which swimming stroke is characterized by simultaneous arm movements over the water and a dolphin-like kick?

6. In boxing, which term refers to a powerful, wild swing intended to land a knockout blow?

7. Which gymnastic move involves flipping the body forward or backward while using the hands for support?

8. In squash, what is the term for the wall that players hit the ball against during the game?

9. In hockey, which term refers to a save made by the goaltender using their catching glove?

10. Which swimming technique is used to change direction at the end of a swimming pool by somersaulting underwater and pushing off the wall?