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Telephone Vocabulary Quiz

Choose the correct answer:

1. What is a telephone that uses a physical wire for connection, typically found in homes or businesses?

2. Which term refers to a portable telephone that uses wireless technology to make and receive calls?

3. What action do you perform when you enter a series of numbers on a telephone to make a call?

4. What is the sound a telephone makes when someone is calling?

5. If you want to return someone's call or call someone again, what phrase would you use?

6. What do you do when you answer the telephone as it rings?

7. Which term refers to a three-digit number that identifies a specific area within a country in the telephone network?

8. What is the ability for a mobile phone user to make calls when traveling outside the home network area?

9. Which part of the phone do you hold up to your ear to hear the other person talking?

10. What is the part of the telephone that converts your voice into an electrical signal for transmission?